Spin the Reels with our revamped UI!

27 Jul 2018 / Features

Since December 2017 our players started to experience the new Booongo revamped UI, with high informativeness and ease of game operation, of course in a least number of clicks. Our studio is constantly watching after trends and innovations within the iGaming industry, so we designed this new User Interface to make our products looking even more modern, cross-platform adaptive and eventually more appealing!

"Supporting many different desktop and mobile devices, with kinds of browsers on board, was always a tricky stuff for us from the very beginning, moreover when it comes that not all of them work with the latest tech capabilities. Therefore, first of all, Booongo gamedev was facing a problem of providing the most pleasant experience for all of our players on all their devices. Understanding this pushed us to create something new, easy using and fresh - our new Booongo UI" - Vlad Pronsky, Head of Games.

At this moment, more than 70% of our games in portfolio are already released or converted onto the new and recognizable UI, which allows you having the same perfect level of experience across your laptop, mobile or tablet screens. 

After collecting tons of positive feedbacks from our users, Booongo Gaming still has plenty ideas to work around for the further UI/UX improvement, thus meeting even higher standards of ongoing gameplay evolution within the iGaming business, which is so demanding and highly competitive in nowadays!

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