Forest Spirit
Release: Jul 2023
Join forces with the wild creatures of the woods and accompany the wise Druid as he embarks on a thrilling adventure through the magical woodland in the all-new Forest Spirit slot. Get ready to take a shot at four enticing JACKPOTS! A whirlwind of MULTIPLIERS is coming your way, so brace yourself. And the EXTRA BOARD booster supercharges your chances of discovering that massive treasure stash. A 25-payline adventure on the 5x3 slot like no other is waiting for you.

Watch out for the BONUS SYMBOLS represented by Blue, Red and Green Coins. Filling any of the three meters at the top of the reels with the corresponding Coin Symbol grants you access to the breathtaking HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME. Now, you are granted three respins and the exciting opportunity to accumulate a crispy payout with each Coin that locks on your board. All Coin Symbols show up with various monetary values attached. This can include MINI, MINOR and MAJOR values. And for every new Coin that you get on your reels, the respin meter gets reset. If you manage to fill the entire grid with symbols, you get to claim the GRAND JACKPOT of x5,000 your bet! Supercharge your HOLD & WIN game winnings with the incredible BOOSTERS that await you! Depending on the type of symbol that triggered the HOLD & WIN round, you will be awarded one of the following cool BOOSTERS: EXTRA MULT, DOUBLE UP or ULTRA SPINS. The BONUS GAME with the EXTRA MULT BOOSTER activates when you collect enough Blue Coins to fill the WOLF METER. At the start of this round, the game adds a MULTIPLIER to a randomly selected game cell. Even better, when a BONUS SYMBOL lands in the cell with a MULTIPLIER, a new MULTIPLIER will appear somewhere again in a random empty cell. Moving forward, filling the BEAR METER with Red Coins unlocks the BONUS GAME with the DOUBLE UP BOOSTER. This introduces a second game board where BONUS SYMBOLS also have the chances of appearing. The BONUS SYMBOLS duplicate on the second board at the start of the round. Imagine, you can win not just one but two MEGA JACKPOTS from a single spin if you’re lucky to fill both boards with symbols! Finally, the BONUS GAME with the ULTRA SPINS BOOSTER triggers as soon as the EAGLE METER is filled with Green Coins. Once activated, the majestic Eagle may soar onto your reels on any spin. Spreading his wings of fortune, the Eagle will shower extra rewards upon the random BONUS SYMBOLS. Excitingly, in a single bonus round, you have the chance to activate not just one but two or even all three of the thrilling BOOSTERS. Now that’s one heck of a wild forest ride!

The stunning artwork in Forest Spirit will leave you breathless. The game creates a surreal woodland atmosphere, where serene melodies dance through the air and soothing visuals paint a picture of wonder. Ready to play? It might just be your lucky day to see nature’s bounty unfold before your very eyes, filling your pockets with big wins!
  • 2x GRAND JACKPOT X5000