Gold Nuggets
Release: Nov 2023
Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you dig your way to mega nuggets and incredible JACKPOTS inside the massive gold mine of the Gold Nuggets slot! The HOLD & WIN BONUS game has many thrilling surprises, including the super powerful COLLECT SYMBOL with a MULTIPLIER twist, two types of MYSTERY SYMBOLS as well as MINI, MINOR and MAJOR JACKPOTS. If you have the stamina to dig a little deeper, you might even unearth the dazzling GRAND JACKPOT prize in this awesome 3x3 game!

In the main game, you won't see any paylines or regular symbols. Instead, the screen is filled with BONUS SYMBOLS and empty cells. But hold your horses! These BONUS SYMBOLS won't trigger any prizes during the main game. The goal is crystal clear: land three BONUS SYMBOLS of any kind on the central row, and you're off to the exciting HOLD & WIN BONUS round, where the real winnings begin. As soon as this feature kicks in, all the symbols on your screen stick around, and you begin with three respins. The good news is, each new symbol that pops up and locks in place resets your respin count. Watch out for the Gold Nugget MONEY SYMBOLS, each with values ranging between x1 and x8. For some truly explosive wins, keep your eyes peeled for the COLLECT SYMBOL - the real star of the bonus game. This exciting symbol gathers the values from all the MONEY and JACKPOT SYMBOLS in view and then adds a random MULTIPLIER, which can vary from x2 to x20. BOOM! If you’re really in luck, you may even stumble upon the MINI, MINOR or MAJOR JACKPOT SYMBOLS and strike gold instantly. Your ultimate goal is to get a full screen of symbols to claim the GRAND JACKPOT prize of x1,000 your bet! To further boost your payouts, you've got the MYSTERY SYMBOL and MYSTERY JACKPOT SYMBOL to assist you. While the former can transform into any type of BONUS SYMBOL, the latter unveils a MINI, MINOR or MAJOR JACKPOT prize. Finally, the meter above the reels keeps count of all MONEY and JACKPOT SYMBOLS that appear on the central row. When it's full, the HOLD & WIN BONUS kicks off, and the gold-digging journey begins!

The graphics in the Gold Nuggets slot are nothing short of stunning, featuring bright colours that gleam like the 24K gold scattered across the reels. Accompanied by the light-hearted soundtrack, the game sets the perfect mood for a fresh and optimistic mining adventure. Plus, the HOLD & WIN round is a real gem, and you might just strike gold should you dig your way to this badass bonus. Try your luck today!