3 china pots

14 Mar 2024 / Games

Atop the epic pagoda palace of Ancient China lies a realm of wonder. Legends whisper of the Princess who resides here, her grace as serene as the lotus blossoms. At the top of the palace, amidst puffy clouds and the shimmering light of the setting sun, the Princess stands beside her faithful tigress, their eyes fixed on a magical sight - the three legendary Pots of wealth. Will you heed the call and venture into the heart of China on a quest for these fabled Pots brimming with untold wealth? Start this journey on the reels of the surreal 5x3, 25-line 3 China Pots slot!

The best way to begin your adventure is by collecting the blue, red and purple Coins. These precious symbols, which are the game’s PROGRESS SYMBOLS, are key to unlocking the HOLD & WIN BONUS round with its array of magical POT FEATURES. Each of the three colourful Pots (progress meters) at the top of the reels collects matching Coins. The Pot (or the combination of Pots) that triggers the HOLD & WIN round determines whether you’ll unlock the EXTRA feature, MULTI feature or DOUBLE feature. We will soon delve into the mesmerising details of these enchanting features. But first, let us guide you through the mechanics of the HOLD & WIN BONUS game - just in case you’re not yet familiar with how the magic works. Once the bonus is activated, the PROGRESS SYMBOLS turn into the BONUS SYMBOLS, and you start with three respins. All BONUS SYMBOLS remain fixed in their positions during the round. If a new BONUS SYMBOL shows up, your respin count gets refreshed. Keep an eye out for BONUS SYMBOLS displaying JACKPOT values: MINI, MINOR and MAJOR. And don’t miss the chance to snag the GRAND JACKPOT of x2,000 your bet! Just fill the grid with symbols to claim this epic prize. Now, onto the magical POT FEATURES! These are obviously the most exciting parts of your respin adventure. First off, the EXTRA FEATURE unlocks four respins instead of the usual three. Next up, when the MULTI FEATURE plays out, each respin offers the chance of MULTIPLIERS being added to random cells with BONUS SYMBOLS. Finally, the DOUBLE FEATURE grants you the second board to fill with symbols - your chance to hit two GRAND JACKPOTS.

Set against the peak of the epic palace where clouds float in hues of purple, and the light from the sunset bathes everything in a mystical glow, ‘3 China Pots’ appears like a dream! With a set of truly exciting features and supreme rewards, this trip to China is guaranteed to be like no other.