TOP 5 Booongo Games Report for December 2017!

4 Jan 2018 / General

As we promised earlier, Booongo Gaming publishes the next official TOP 5 Games Report for December 2017!

This Rating summed up the final month of 2017 year. There you will find all the necessary indicators and information, which is certainly valuable for using in promo and marketing campaigns.

Previous TOP5 Report received a very positive feedback and also stirred up a great interest among our customers, so they expressed a willing to receive it further. This is a best news for us, so Booongo team is happy to continue providing all our clients with proven and reliable research in the future.

Therefore you may check out the latest December's TOP5 Report just below and don't forget to follow us in social networks to receive the news among the First! Stay tuned!

So, the following games lead the Booongo TOP 5 in December 2017 (Worldwide):

1. God's Temple
2. Poisoned Apple
3. African Spirit
4. 12 Animals
5. Diego Fortune

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