TOP5 games in August 2018

7 Sept 2018 / General

The new TOP 5 Games Report for August 2018 is now available!

15 KPIs under the hood: (VIP players’ retention and quantity, basic stats like GGR, AvBet and AvRounds; retention of active players base and their Engagement). Our internal BI demonstrates a reasonable overview of our most popular games on a monthly basis covering the audience Worldwide or Asia / EU / CIS separately.

TOP 5 Games report helps our clients, partners and affiliates to optimize their marketing spend and our games placement, while for us - that’s a verification of game idea & its relevance, mechanics potential and compared performance.

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Below is a list of the TOP 5 Booongo Games in August (Worldwide):

1. God's Temple
2. 88 Dragon
3. Poisoned Apple
4. God's Temple Deluxe
5. 15 Golden Eggs




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