TOP 5 Booongo Games Report for July 2018!

3 Aug 2018 / General

Here you go! - Booongo TOP 5 Games for July 2018!

We know that our partners and followers use this info to improve their usage of  Booongo`s product placement on different gaming platforms.

This business intelligence includes indicators that were collected and processed through separate playing audiences (Worldwide / Asia / EU / CIS), thus allowing us to evaluate geo-targeting of games, interest and differentiation of an audiences.

Value of this Ranking for our company comes from ability to analyze our ideas` properly, as well the technical developments and comprehensive game performance.

All indicators from TOP5 Games Report are always reliable and verified, so they can be used to compile long-term marketing strategies and budgets.

Please take a look at the list of the Top 5 Booongo games in July 2018 (Worldwide):

1. God's Temple
2. 88 Dragon
3. Age of Caesar
4. Poisoned Apple
5. Fortune Multiplier

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